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Children's Ministries

Mrs. Lucy Moke Children's Ministries Director 2021 - 2025

Children's Ministries

Our mission is to make disciples of children, birth through to fourteen years old. We aim to equip churches, families, carers at home with the resources and training to connect children to a lifelong, loving relationship with Jesus and His Church

Children's Ministries Fun Day

Kids listening to presentations during a branch sabbath school at a home.

Kids listen to instructions and follow attentively to what they are told to do. Here is a group of kids attending a Branch Sabbath School at Lido Village outside Vanimo town during the West Sepik Provincial Camp Meeting in May 2021

Pathfinder Boys in Vanimo taking part in Branch Sabbath School

Making disciples as the focus for Sepik Mission this quinquinnium requires the effort of every Christ's follower and that includes boys and girls, men and women of all ages