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Adventist Health in Sepik Mission

10,000 Toes Campaign in East and West Sepik Provinces

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Taking Health to the Heart of Sepik Mission

Nagum Adventist High School Clinic

Nagum Adventist High School students were always traveling to Wewak to seek medical treatment even at night times. Today we praise God that the students can now be treated right in their school. This clinic is in a little room and their is a health worker (nurse) who lives and works their everyday. This clinic is still in need for medical drugs and equipment and we still pray that one day this clinic will eventually be serving the community of that area.

Service Delivery our priority

This new ambulance of Naksimigel Health Center was handed over to the Helath Center by the Member for that Electorate (Yangoru/Kubalia) Hon. Richard Maru on the 26th of July 2019. This ambulance will now serve the people of that community. However the Health Center is operated and run by Adventist Health Services.

Flying Clinic 2018

Flying Clinic is an initiative by the Adventist Health Services that engaged health professionals as well as pastors doing health work as well as evangelism throughout each local mission. Sepik Mission was fortunate enough to have the Adventist Aviation Services who flew health professionals and pastors to different parts of these two provinces. This program was conducted in February 2018.

10,000 Toes

Health Initiative towards the fight of diabetes in Papua New Guinea and the South Pacific