Wewak Gears Up for PNG For Christ Campaign with Awareness Walk

04 Mar 2024

Wewak Island West Coast District is gearing up for the PNG For Christ Campaign with a crucial planning meeting held at Sepik Mission in Wewak Hill. Led by Minister Francis Nima, the gathering brought together church leaders, community leaders, and government officials to strategize for the upcoming Awareness Walk.

Scheduled for March 6th, 2024, the Awareness Walk plays a key role in raising awareness about the campaign's core message and encouraging participation from residents across the Sepik region. Participants at the meeting meticulously deliberated on logistics, route planning, and community engagement strategies to ensure a successful walk.

The PNG For Christ Campaign transcends religious boundaries, aiming to promote spiritual values, foster moral well-being, and strengthen community bonds. It envisions a positive societal impact and serves as a continuous endeavor, not a one-time event, as Minister Nima emphasized.

The campaign's reach extends beyond Wewak, encompassing various communities throughout the Sepik region. It aspires to touch hearts, inspire positive change, and unite people on their faith journey. Through collaboration with local leaders, the campaign seeks to address societal challenges, including law and order issues, through a holistic approach.

Deputy Administrator Alphonse Kami echoed his support for the campaign, highlighting the significance of community rehabilitation and moral upliftment. The collaboration between the Seventh-day Adventist Church, local leaders, and government agencies promises a brighter future for the region.

Reaffirming the mission's unwavering commitment to working alongside the government, Pastor Henry Monape, president of the mission, stated, "Together, we aim to create a godly society, where compassion, unity, and spiritual growth prevail."

This collaborative effort signifies the collective commitment of various stakeholders in Sepik to create a more positive and unified region through the values and message of the PNG For Christ Campaign.

Joe Philip